The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Menstruation Late?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Menstruation Late?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Menstruation Late?

Hello, before I ask I want to tell you a little. In November, the beginning of my partner’s menstruation occurred on the 8th and continued normally for a week as usual. then in this December until the 25th, my partner hasn’t experienced menstruation. I want to ask, how is my partner’s menstrual cycle. and is this a sign of pregnancy or just late menstruation? after menstruation last November, my partner had typhoid for several days, does it affect the delay of menstruation to him? then from the signs that he had felt like pain in the abdomen, then bitter taste when eating and then weak, dizzy, and nauseous when finished eating are all those signs that she is having a pregnancy, please explain

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Hello, thank you for the question to

Previously, you should explain first, does your partner have a history of sexual intercourse after menstruation on the 8th?

Basically, the distance between normal menstrual cycles ranges from 21-35 days. If indeed until the 25th your partner has not experienced menstruation, then your partner can already be said to experience menstrual delays. Delay in menstruation in women of reproductive age is most often caused by pregnancy. Therefore, if there is indeed a history of sexual relations after November 8, your partner is still advised to do a pregnancy test with a test pack to make sure. If positive, then the menstrual delay is caused by pregnancy. If it is negative, then the possibility of menstrual delays is caused by something else. Make sure the couple reads first how to use the test pack and follow the method of use carefully and also make sure you do a pregnancy test with first urine in the morning so that the results are more accurate.

If the results are indeed negative, then some other possible causes of delayed menstruation include:

excessive stress
hormonal disorders due to weight that is too less or too excessive, excessive weight loss or increase, excessive exercise
the use of certain drugs or hormonal contraception
certain diseases such as thyroid hormone disorders, PCOS, diabetes
certain tumors that cause hormonal disorders

You can advise your partner to reduce stress, maintain diet and lifestyle so that the ideal body weight, avoid excessive dieting and excessive exercise. If in the following month your partner is still not menstruating, it is advisable to do an examination to the obstetrician for further evaluation (obstetricians also deal with menstrual problems and the female reproductive organs, not only handling pregnancy).

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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