The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Sex After Menstruation?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Sex After Menstruation?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Getting Pregnant During Sex After Menstruation?

ask please. r nI just finished my menstruation and before that I used a pill, 2 days after my period I had sex in the morning and in the afternoon I had an injection for 1 month, what is the possibility of getting pregnant and can I have direct contact again?

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Having sexual intercourse after menstruation has the potential to cause pregnancy. Even though you previously used birth control pills, however, if you no longer take these birth control pills for more than 24 hours, their effectiveness will be much reduced, so the potential for pregnancy will be even greater.

Injecting contraceptives does not necessarily reduce the potential for pregnancy. 1-month injection contraceptive contains a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone hormones. This hormone after being injected into the body takes 5 to 7 days to work effectively to prevent pregnancy. Therefore, if you have just had a birth control injection for a while after having unprotected sex, the potential for pregnancy remains wide open. Birth control injections do not necessarily abort the results of the already formed conception (if fertilization has occurred).

No one can say for sure whether the sexual intercourse you had before led to pregnancy or not. However, if you look at the information about your use of birth control, the potential for pregnancy is still there.

You can check whether it is true that you are pregnant or not, namely patiently waiting until your next menstrual period arrives. If you experience delayed menstruation, try to do a testpack or have yourself checked by an obstetrician for an ultrasound. Meanwhile, while waiting for your injectable birth control to work effectively, you should not immediately have sex, but wait 5 to 7 days. Or, if you want to have sex, we urge you to use a condom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy.

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