The Possibility Of Having A Child In Old Age And What Are The Risks?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Having A Child In Old Age And What Are The Risks?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Having A Child In Old Age And What Are The Risks?

Hello, I want to ask about the maximum age of the mother to give birth to her first child, as well as its preparation. I am a woman of 29 years old. Married at the age of 26, I have never used / taken birth control in my body at all, but my husband used it in the form of condoms. Most often, sick on the first day of menstruation, but the second day does not feel anything else until resolved. Already 3 years we deliberately postpone pregnancy, because there are family / economic constraints make it very impossible for us to care for children healthy and well if we have. delay any longer, if things don’t improve, for the future of our child too. But I understand, as well as was2 … Because I understand a bit, and often hear too about the ‘maximum age limit’ for a woman to give birth to a child first normally which does not endanger the mother and child. what I want to ask (if I have to be able to have children when I’m old) … 1. Is it possible if I have a first child in old age? (Age 40 or below, for example) 2. What is the maximum age according to the doctor to be able to have the first child, normally? 3. What risks should I be aware of, if I were just promising old age? 4. What can I do and prepare, to be able to have a first child normally in old age? 5. And finally, what can I do to be able to maintain the fertility of the uterus and ovum? In order to remain optimal until delivery later. Thank you very much in advance, doctor. Sorry, my questions are many and long. Hopefully the doctor is pleased to answer. The doctor’s answer will be very helpful for those of us who are confused for a long time.

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Hello, thank you for the question to

I will try to answer your questions one by one:

Is it possible to have children in old age?

Basically as long as the woman still has reserves of eggs in her ovaries and has not experienced menopause (no menstruation for up to 1 year), then the woman can still be pregnant.

What is the maximum age to be able to have children?

As mentioned above, as long as you have not experienced menopause you will still be able to get pregnant. The age of menopause in every woman can be different, but the average menopause occurs between the ages of 45-55 years.

What risks must be wary of?

Even though it is true that you can still get pregnant before you experience menopause, however, the higher your age, your fertility will also decrease. The possibility of you getting pregnant at the age of 40 years and over will be lower than the possibility of getting pregnant at the age of 30 years and over, and the possibility of getting pregnant at the age of 30 years and over is lower than at the age of 20 years and over. In addition to a decrease in fertility and the possibility of pregnancy, there is an increased risk of developing Down syndrome in children (especially if you are pregnant at the age of 35 years). Other pregnancy risks that can also increase if you are pregnant above the age of 35 include the risk of a child born prematurely, the risk of a child born with a low birth weight, multiple pregnancies, the risk of childbirth by cesarean section, the risk of miscarriage and the risk of a baby dying in utero , risk of developing gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, etc.

What should be prepared for pregnancy in old age?

If you are planning a pregnancy at the age of more than 35 years, you are expected to do an obstetrician's examination first before you start planning a pregnancy. Also, 1-2 months before you plan for pregnancy, make sure you start taking pregnancy vitamins (or at least folic acid) to reduce the risk of birth defects in your baby later. Because pregnancy in old age is a high-risk pregnancy, you must have a pregnancy check-up to the obstetrician (not just the midwife).

What can be done to maintain the fertility of the uterus and ovum?

Basically fertility depends more on your ovaries and ovum, not on your uterus. Nothing can be done to prevent a decrease in the number of ova in the ovary. But you can maintain the health of your reproductive organs to make sure you don't experience fertility problems due to other things as well (for example due to other diseases of your uterus or fallopian tubes). You need to make sure you and your partner maintain healthy sexual behavior (not changing partners) to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. You are also expected not to douche or wash your vagina with soap, chemicals, or certain herbs because it can increase the risk of infection in the reproductive organs. If you experience symptoms such as abnormal vaginal discharge, excessive menstrual pain, or disruption of the menstrual cycle, check with your obstetrician so that you can find and treat the cause immediately.

If indeed you plan to have children in old age, you also have other options for storing your eggs in the ovum bank. This facility is most likely not yet available in Indonesia and requires substantial funds for the extraction and storage of this ovum. But you can still consider this option too.

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