The Possibility Of Nasal Polyps Growing Back After Surgery?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Nasal Polyps Growing Back After Surgery?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Nasal Polyps Growing Back After Surgery?

good afternoon, my doctor has had polyp surgery, the doctor who operated on diagnosing due to a cold allergy, is there a possibility of polyps in my nose? thank you

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Nasal polyps occur due to excessive growth of the mucosal lining that lines the inside of the nasal cavity. This condition is benign and not dangerous. However, people with nasal polyps can feel very disturbed because this condition can cause runny nose, congestion, frequent nosebleeds, difficulty breathing, olfactory disturbances, taste disorders, to trigger recurring pain around the nose, cheeks, eyes, teeth, and the entire head . Therefore, if the size is large enough, or cause complaints that are very disturbing, further treatment needs to be done, either by conservative means, for example by administering anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-histamines, and / or antibiotics, to a more invasive way, namely surgery.

Not yet known exactly what causes nasal polyps. However, many experts have concluded that polyps are formed due to chronic inflammation of the nasal cavity, for example due to allergies, asthma, infections, or also other diseases, such as cystic fibrosis and Churg-Strauss syndrome. Because the originator is not yet known, despite surgery, it is not impossible that nasal polyps can grow back, either in the same nasal cavity, or different. Therefore, polyp surgery will usually be done in combination, namely by administering medicines as well as patient education in order to avoid triggers that might cause polyp recurrence. Here are some steps that need to be done so that nasal polyps do not recur and recur:

If there are substances that often trigger allergic reactions in your body, avoid these substances. Also protect yourself from irritation of the respiratory tract, for example cigarette smoke, chemical smoke, dust, or other small particles. Maintain personal hygiene, including by diligent bathing, diligent hand washing, change curtains and bed sheets regularly Increase the humidity of the air in the neighborhood, for example by using air humidifiers Perform irrigation on the nose regularly, for example with a salt solution (saline) Do not consume drugs carelessly This is our explanation. For more details, please consult directly with the doctor or ENT specialist huh ..

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