The Possibility Of Pregnancy After Petting?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Pregnancy After Petting?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Pregnancy After Petting?

, last I menstruated on 19 October. I petting to wear jeans (slightly wet with water) with a couple on November 1 which is the prediction of fertility. Then return petting on November 8th. After that I had a fever, until 3 days I was in pain body, breast, waist, stomach cramps, often belching, full stomach, and calf pain that arises to the left of the front near the shin. R nThe question is whether petting with jeans that slightly moist exposed to water potentially pregnancy? r nWas the symptoms that they must be pregnant because I feel calf pain that often arises or just menstrual signs because of the estimated date of November 16th later my menstrual schedule?

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Hello Citra,

Petting is an activity of swiping the genitals to obtain sexual satisfaction without penetration. If done without clothes, petting is still at risk of pregnancy, whereas if wearing clothes, the chances of pregnancy are generally very small.

To find out if you are pregnant or not, you can do a testpack first. Testpack will be more accurate if done 1 week after a late period. If the testpack is negative, it can be repeated 1 week later to avoid false negative results. Meanwhile, if the testpack is positive, you should consult a gynecologist so that further examinations including ultrasound can be done to ensure a sure sign of pregnancy. Certain signs of pregnancy include fetal movement and fetal heart rate.

As for your complaint, this is not always related to pregnancy. Apart from pregnancy, complaints that you feel can be caused by fatigue, stress, anxiety, stomach acid disease, gastritis, and pre menstrual syndrome.

For a while while waiting for menstruation (you certainly do not get pregnant when having menstruation), you can do the following tips:

Get enough rest Do relaxation Manage stress and anxiety well Drink plenty of water Warm compresses the painful part Consumption of food in small portions but often Avoid spicy, sour, fatty, and caffeine foods Get used to a healthy lifestyle including regular exercise Hopefully it can help you,

Thank you

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