The Possibility Of Pregnancy If Blood Spots Come Out?

Can I do a pregnancy test with a pack test?

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Spotting out blood could be part of regular menstruation. It could also, if these bloodstains come out outside the menstrual cycle, then the cause can be due to hormonal balance disorders, endometriosis, myomas, pelvic inflammation, cervical cancer, uterine polyps, blood clotting disorders, irritation of sex organs due to masturbation or excessive sexual intercourse, effects side effects of certain drugs, the impact of using KB, and so on. Some women who are pregnant are also able to bleed during implantation, or implant the results of fertilization in the uterine wall.

To distinguish the various possible causes of blood spots as mentioned above, you can do a testpack. However, testpack results are generally accurate if done after a menstrual delay occurs for at least 1 week. If your menstrual schedule has not arrived, and even the bloodstains come out only once in small amounts, you better try some of the following tips:

much rest
Maintain cleanliness of sex organs
Do not overdo sexual intercourse that involves vaginal penetration if blood stains come out of the birth canal
Do not carelessly take medication or use birth control without consulting first to the doctor
Take care of your diet

You also need to know, that the testpack results have not yet been able to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Therefore, after undergoing a test pack, you still need to confirm the results to the doctor or obstetrician so that further evaluation is done ...

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