The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Inflammation Of The Brain?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Inflammation Of The Brain?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Inflammation Of The Brain?

,, I want to ask if the sufferer of Toxo Encephalitis can be fully recovered and his memory and nervous condition can return to normal as before contracting it ?! Thank

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Encephalitis is a condition when the brain becomes inflamed, which is why this disease is also called inflammation of the brain. This condition can occur to anyone, but the risk is highest in children as well as the elderly because their immunity tends to be weaker.

This condition is often not known the cause, but among infections that can lead to encephalitis are herpes virus infections, varicella-zoster virus, Epstein Barr virus, rabies, and various kinds of bacteria and parasites, one of which is toxoplasma. Those who experience this condition can feel symptoms such as spasms, weakness in the muscles, fainting, stiff neck, paralysis of the face, fainting, blurred vision, until hallucinating.

Regarding your question, you need to understand that we cannot answer it clearly. The tips of encephalitis vary, from complete recovery to normal, to death. This will depend again on age, current clinical condition, whether or not treatment is fast, there are complications or not, other medical conditions that accompany and so forth. So the person who can answer your question is the doctor who treats the patient, because he knows all the medical information about him in order to make an estimate.

But you also need to understand that we as doctors cannot guarantee the patient's condition, in a sense, we cannot be certain that this patient must be cured or surely died. We can only say that from the clinical data and the results of the examination, it is likely that the patient's condition will be this or that. We say this so that even if the doctor's answer you ask is bad, you should not despair immediately, and if the answer is good, you will not be disappointed if fate and reality say otherwise.

What is clear, you must communicate well with the medical party or from the family, Ask everything that needs to be asked, and do not put forward emotions. So, hopefully answering your question.

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