The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Lung Cancer?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Lung Cancer?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Recovery In Patients With Lung Cancer?

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Lung cancer is a term for malignant tumors originating in the lungs. Although, brain cancer can spread (metastasize) also to the lungs, but this condition is not appropriately referred to as lung cancer. Lung cancer is not directly related to brain cancer, although some risk factors can overlap with each other.

In the early stages, often lung cancer sufferers are unaware of the disease. However, along with the progression of the cancer cells, then there will be a collection of symptoms, such as chronic coughing, sputum bleeding, shortness of breath, chest pain, hoarseness, weight decreased dramatically, weakness, fatigue, and so on. The diagnosis of this disease can only be made after a comprehensive examination, for example x-rays, CT scans, sputum cytology, biopsy, and so on.

Not only because of genetic factors (heredity), lung cancer is also more susceptible to smokers (not only active smokers, but also passive smokers), people who are exposed to radon gas, asbestos, or other carcinogens. This condition should not be considered trivial. Because, if you don't get good treatment, lung cancer can cause you to experience severe breathing problems, not only because of the blockage of the airway by the cancer cells, but also because of the susceptible pleural effusion it causes. This cancer is also very potential to spread to other organs, including to the brain and bones. If it's like this, of course the handling will be more difficult.

Your condition that has difficulty thinking, so that you experience problems in your studies, may be affected by the cancer. In addition to the organic effects of cancer that affect brain function, this difficulty in thinking can also be caused by psychological factors that feel depressed due to cancer. If you ask, how likely are lung cancer sufferers to recover? The answer, the potential for healing remains, even though the percentage varies depending on the type and stage of cancer. For example, the 5 years relative survival rate for NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer) patients is generally around 60%, which means that 60% of cancer patients can survive 5 years later after the cancer is diagnosed for the first time. If other types of cancer that you suffer from, of course the prognosis will be different (the possibility of cure). The stage of the cancer, which is determined by the location, region, and spread of the cancer cells themselves, also influences this prognosis. What is clear, with early detection and treatment, of course the potential for recovery will be greater.

Handling of lung cancer patients can be done with several modalities, namely surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiosurgery, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, and palliative therapy. Discuss directly with your lung specialist and oncology surgeon who treats you with the best treatment for your condition.

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