The Possibility Of Stage 3 Lung Cancer Can Be Completely Cured?

Illustration of The Possibility Of Stage 3 Lung Cancer Can Be Completely Cured?
Illustration: The Possibility Of Stage 3 Lung Cancer Can Be Completely Cured?

Good afternoon …. I want to ask, my boyfriend has stage 3 lung cancer. It has been diagnosed since stage 1 but he ignored it and he just told me in the middle of last month. This month he will undergo treatment. I want to know more clearly because if you ask him, there must be something covered. That’s the possibility of a cure for percent in a long period of time, huh? Then the treatment is in the form of chemo or what? I as a layman confused to ask but want lgsg to the point just looking for an accurate answer. Thank you for your time. Good afternoon!

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Lung cancer is a term for malignant tumors originating from lung parenchymal cells. This condition often causes sufferers to experience long-standing coughs, accompanied by bloody phlegm, tightness, chest pain, hoarseness, as well as weight loss that drops dramatically without a clear trigger. The incidence of lung cancer is greater the risk in people who are accustomed to smoking or exposure to cigarette smoke in the long term. In addition, genetic factors (heredity), exposure to radon gas, asbestos, arsenic, nickel and other carcinogens can also increase the risk of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is diagnosed through a series of examinations, including sputum testing, x-rays, CT scans, and biopsies. To monitor the development of cancer cells, further tests can also be done, such as MRI, PET scan, and bone scan. Based on this method, lung cancer is divided into several stages (from 0-IV). The higher the stage, the lung cancer can be more deadly.

Stage III in patients with lung cancer means that the cancer cells have spread to nearby lymph nodes (chest area). In patients with stage III lung cancer, it is not enough just to chemotherapy, doctors can also combine with other therapeutic modalities, such as surgery and radiotherapy. Inadequate treatment can cause sufferers experiencing shortness of breath, bone pain, pleural effusion (interstitial fluid seepage into the cavity between the lining of the lung), the spread of cancer to other organs (metastasis), to death. The potential for recovery in patients with lung cancer can vary greatly depending on the type of cancer, stage, age, general health condition of the patient, the treatment given, as well as the body's response to the treatment. For example, in patients with SCLC (small cell lung cancer) when they reach stage III, the 5 years survival rate (the potential for survival 5 years after being diagnosed) can range from 14 to 33%. The average SCLC type of lung cancer patient who has spread widely can survive around 16 to 24 months since being diagnosed. Without proper treatment, life expectancy can certainly be greatly reduced. Therefore, you should accompany your partner to undergo treatment for the condition directly to the doctor, pulmonary specialist, and specialist oncology surgeon right ...

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