The Possibility Of The Child Contracting Hepatitis From The Womb?

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Sorry I don't understand the information you provide. Has your child been tested and shows a positive hepatitis B result, or are you asking about the possibility of your child contracting it? I'll try to help inform you.

Hepatitis B is inflammation of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus. If not treated promptly, this condition can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure. A child can be infected during childbirth if the mother has hepatitis B. If your pregnancy period has been checked and it is proven negative then it is possible that your child is not infected. However, hepatitis B vaccine is still needed for your child to prevent hepatitis B infection in the future. The first hepatitis B vaccine is usually given immediately after birth (<12 hours from birth). You should give hepatitis B immunization and other immunizations recommended by your pediatrician.

If your husband's hepatitis B was detected only 2 months ago, the new hepatitis B infection will occur after your child is born so it is possible that your child will not be infected during labor. Apart from mother to child, hepatitis B transmission is through sexual contact with sufferers without safety (condoms), sharing needles with hepatitis B sufferers, or accidental contact with needles for example to medical personnel. Thus, you are at risk of contracting hepatitis B. The best step at this time is to immediately see a doctor. Your doctor will examine you and perform blood tests on you to determine whether you are infected or not.

If the infection in your husband is an acute infection (recently occurred), usually the patient can recover in a few months without requiring special treatment. However, sufferers are still advised to regularly see a doctor. In patients with long-term (chronic) hepatitis B, sufferers will usually need long-term drugs. We recommend that you and your husband immediately consult with a specialist in internal medicine. If you are not infected, your doctor will advise you to receive the hepatitis B vaccine to prevent infection. The doctor will also examine your husband and determine further treatment.

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