The Presence Of Small Worms In The Feces Of Babies Aged 6 Months

Illustration of The Presence Of Small Worms In The Feces Of Babies Aged 6 Months
Illustration: The Presence Of Small Worms In The Feces Of Babies Aged 6 Months

BAB my baby is like a tiny little worm, the length is about 1 / 2cm brown, before I gave it to eat a banana … I guess why the BAB?

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The existence of complaints of small worms about ½ cm experienced by your baby aged 6 months, basically it still requires treatment and treatment. However, the treatment of intestinal worms in infants requires direct supervision from your pediatrician. The risk of intestinal worms in infants younger than 12 years is a separate risk factor for the side effects of worm medication for children under 12 months.

Although the side effects of medications are sometimes mild, they still require supervision from your pediatrician. Some of the side effects that can occur can be nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or cold sweat. So that direct treatment by a doctor is needed for children under 1 year.

With regard to intestinal worms, in general, patients with intestinal worms often occur in children aged around more than 1 year, with several types of worm infections that often occur hookworm, ascariasis, trichuriasis and schistosomiasis.

Patients with helminth infections can provide accompanying complaints in the form of:

The anal feels itchy
Babies are often fussy
Difficult bowel movements or diarrhea
Difficult weight gain
Look thinner and the baby's belly looks bloated
Worms found in the rectum or surrounding area or confirmation of the results of stool examination

Therefore, if indeed you directly find worms in your baby, then your baby is likely to have worms. If complaints are felt not to interfere, then handling as early as possible will help prevent complications from intestinal infections. However, do not do the treatment independently for children aged 6 months.

In children under one year, the presence of intestinal worms, may be related to the delivery period or transmission of helminth infections from the mother, or because of personal hygiene and environmental hygiene that does not support health. In addition to handling drugs, handling efforts by maintaining personal hygiene, the home environment and cleanliness around your home are expected to be able to prevent intestinal worms in the future.

Therefore, to get the right treatment related to this complaint, you should consult directly with your pediatrician. Because caution is now high on Corona infection, you should consult online or by telephone, unless your pediatrician advises you to come directly for an examination. Thus, the doctor can provide recommendations and the right treatment for your child.

Some prevention efforts you can also do such as:

Clean the floor from dirt before your child plays
Wash your hands before caring for your baby
Wash your hands before and after the move
Evaluate your baby's weight
Evaluate your baby's chapter regularly

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