The Presence Of Sperm Fluid Complaints That Appear There Are Ears

In the morning, the bet is permitted, like I have a single ear, is there a problem with my sperm?

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The presence of sperm fluid complaints that appear there are grains is a natural condition when ejaculating. This grain shows the collection or clumping of sperm at one point. If the clot or formation is not much and form all the seminal fluid, then this condition is still within reasonable limits. However, if your semen is lumping in whole or in a lot of jelly formations, then this condition may be caused by viscosity of semen that is thicker than normal, giving a picture like jelly. This can be caused by a disruption in prostate and seminal versicle function, infection and a high level of leukocytes in the sperm can trigger the semen to become thicker or form a large grain. Sexually transmitted infections become a risk that can cause vaginal discharge.

If semen shows some grain changes at some point, then this condition can be affected by clot processing because the sperm retention time is longer. Clumping is a natural thing in men who are not married and do not have sexual relations or normal in men who have sex with a tenuous or rare frequency. If you are married, then having sexual intercourse regularly will help reduce the formation of ears in the first time.

Even if a large amount of grains form in most of your semen, this cannot provide certainty whether this is normal or not, because a sperm analysis is needed to help identify whether or not the ejaculated semen is normal and the microscopic condition of the sperm in the semen. Thus, to find out whether these grains are many or few and affect the quality of your sperm, this needs to be confirmed by examination of sperm analysis.

Sperm analysis analysis can involve:

Macroscopic examination, related to volume, consistency, dilution, color, odor
Microscopic examination, related to the shape of sperm cells, sperm cell movements and sperm cell counts

Therefore, if you feel this complaint is bothering you more, you can consult directly with the andrologist in your city. However, because Covid-19 is still in the alert period, you should consult or contact a doctor by online or telephone, unless your doctor recommends you come immediately to meet. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and examination and plan a supplementary examination in the form of sperm analysis that you can proceed to the designated clinical laboratory. Thus, the doctor will evaluate the results of the examination to ensure the condition of your sperm quality from the results of supporting tests carried out. If a medical problem is found, the doctor can continue treatment and treatment according to the indications.

To maintain the health of your reproductive organs and the quality of your sperm, you can work on a number of things, such as:

Avoid cigarettes
Avoid alcohol
Describe your weight
Hidnari risky sex

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