The Procedure For Using Postinor 2?

Illustration of The Procedure For Using Postinor 2?
Illustration: The Procedure For Using Postinor 2?

I want to ask .. on the postinor2 packaging it says to take two postinor tablets at once. whereas I just found out that it turns out how to drink 1 tablet as soon as possible and 1 tablet 12 hours after the first tablet. while I follow the drink on the package … will the postinor medication still work?

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Postinor is a type of emergency contraception used to prevent pregnancy when intercourse does not interfere with safety. Postinor contains the hormone levonorgestrel, a progestin hormone, a progesterone derivative that works by preventing ovulation and thickening cervical mucus so that sperm do not easily fertilize eggs that have been released from the ovaries. This type of contraception is effectively used within 72 hours after intercourse. This drug is also not recommended for long-term consumption.
Postinor 1 contains 1 tablet and is consumed immediately after intercourse. Related to the procedure of using Postinor 2 which contains 2 tablets, this drug is consumed 2 times, i.e. the first tablet is taken immediately (within 72 hours) then the second tablet is consumed 12 hours after the first tablet is taken. As for the different ways of drinking at once or one by one until now there has been no research related to its effect on drug performance. For more details, I suggest that you have a direct discussion with the obstetrician. This is due to its use, contraception is only used in emergencies and must be in accordance with recommendations / prescriptions from doctors directly. This drug will not be effective if fertilization has already occurred in the uterus.
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