The Process Of Childbirth After A History Of Thyroid Disease?

Good morning, r n r nI want to ask, my wife has had a thyroid before. But a year ago had undergone treatment and information from a doctor who checked was cured. And currently my wife is pregnant. Can my wife give birth normally? R nThank you.

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A history of suffering from thyroid hormone disorders is not an obstacle for normal delivery. Your wife may give birth normally if the pregnancy condition is good, the fetus is good, and there are no specific complications that occur during labor. One thing you need to pay attention to is that you must ensure that your wife controls the pregnancy regularly at the obstetrician. The obstetrician is likely to re-examine thyroid hormone function to make sure there are no recurring thyroid hormone disorders. The obstetrician will also ensure that your wife's pregnancy and fetal condition are okay throughout her pregnancy.

You also need to know that the way of delivery must be adapted to the conditions of each woman. Complications during labor may occur (for example, labor is not progressing, fetal distress occurs in labor). These complications can cause a woman to have surgery as soon as possible so that the baby and her mother can survive. Therefore, what you and your wife can do now is to ensure that the condition of the pregnancy and the fetus is good and healthy.

The following article you can read about maintaining a healthy pregnancy

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