The Process Of Cutting The Fallopian Tubes When Suffering From An Ectopic Pregnancy?

Greetings, that’s the story. I was diagnosed with a samada molar, or unknown pregnancy, the problem is that the pockets are not visible, but upt shows I am indeed pregnant. The pockets still didn’t show the vaginal scan, I have been spotting for about 2 weeks and the pregnancy is about 8 weeks. Doc didn’t say I was ectopic as I was not sick, and had no other ectopic symptoms. So I’m justified going home and will be contacted after the blood test comes out. 2 days later, the doctor contacted me he said hcg 3900 and had to go back to the hospital asap. I immediately went to the hospital and after being diagnosed and scanned again, the answer remained the same. Unknown pregnancy and said the doc would hit my stomach (laparoscopy) to see if it was likely ectopic. Just came out of the doctor’s office, my body was weak and I was both black and sweaty in my head. the pain fits perfectly in your stomach but doesn’t hurt too much. So I was immediately rushed into operation, and did a laparoscopy, the problem was doc, I was not reported to have my fallopian tube removed, now my left fallopian tube is partially cut and cut. Is it natural that I was not informed before the action was taken doc? Reportedly I have internal bleeding around 1 cup, and my fallopian tube is leaking and my blood pressure is only 60/40 so I was just told that the surgery was finished doc. losing the fetus has increased then losing the tube is also more stressful for me doc! I’m depressed now. The problem is now r n r n1. Is it natural for the patient not to be notified in advance because the fallopian tube was removed? R n r n2. What are the risks my doc would face if I lost a fallopian tube? Is there an ovary on his left that is still capable of releasing hormones? r n r n3. Is it true that the fallopian tubes are the blood supply to the ovaries and without the fallopian tubes the ovaries will be weak doc?

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Hello Bloomrose.

Thank you for the question.

The fallopian tube is a tube that connects the uterus or uterus with the ovary. There are 2 ovaries, right and left. So, there are two fallopian tubes following the ovaries.

The process of fertilization of an egg by sperm occurs in the fallopian tube. If there is interference with the passage of the fertilized egg to its attachment site in the uterus, an ectopic pregnancy will occur. An ectopic pregnancy is a pregnancy that occurs outside the uterus. There are several places where an ectopic pregnancy occurs:

fallopian tube
abdominal or abdominal cavity
other parts of the uterus.

The most common or the most common ectopic pregnancy is tubal pregnancy. The cause is due to inflammation of the tubes, preventing the fertilized egg from entering the uterus. Other risk factors for ectopic pregnancy:

have had sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, pelvic inflammation, chlamydia
intrauterine device
use of uterine fertility drugs
have had a previous ectopic pregnancy.

Symptoms in an ectopic pregnancy:

early pregnancy symptoms such as amenorrhea
bleeding from the vaginal opening
lower abdominal pain mainly on only 1 side
nausea and vomiting
If the fallopian tube tears, life-threatening bleeding will occur.

Mothers who experience an ectopic pregnancy must be immediately taken to the hospital and given prompt action. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy that has not yet caused a tear in the fallopian tube and without a fetus that is developing normally in the uterus, a drug will be given that will destroy the cells that have formed.

Ectopic pregnancies can also be treated with surgery, and minimal damage can be repaired. However, if the damage is large and extensive or difficult to repair, the doctor will perform surgical removal of the fallopian tubes along with the ovaries.

In your case, you have a condition known as shock which results from bleeding due to tearing of the fallopian tube. So, the action taken by the doctor is to cut the fallopian tubes and ovaries. This shock has the potential to cause death if not treated promptly.

Were you conscious or totally sedated during the operation? Is there a family or husband who accompanies or waits outside while the operation takes place?

The doctor has explained the surgical procedure and the possibilities that occur before the operation is performed. Then the doctor will ask for the consent of the mother and husband. So, it needs to be confirmed in advance for this.

The ovaries will take turns releasing an egg or ovulating. Ovulation is an important part of the pregnancy process. The ovaries will continue to function normally even if only one, including the production of hormones.

You may still be pregnant. However, you are advised to do the things below:

often consult with a gynecologist
know when ovulation or fertile period
have sexual intercourse more frequently during the fertile period
eat healthy and nutritious food.

For question 3, as I explained above, because there are 2 ovaries and each of them has its own fallopian tube, then the blood flow to the ovary that is still left will not have a problem.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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