The Process Of Healing HNP And Pain In The Buttocks?

Illustration of The Process Of Healing HNP And Pain In The Buttocks?
Illustration: The Process Of Healing HNP And Pain In The Buttocks? Bing

evening, thanks in advance for the answer to my question 1 month ago. I have followed his advice, have been to a neurologist and the results are positive for HNP. I’m just confused, the HNP I experienced was in the Lumbar AP section. that I don’t know. What I’m experiencing is where is the actual position of the part? because what I feel when I sit down, the most pain is in the buttocks. how bad is the HNP I’m experiencing. What if I do therapy and swimming regularly can it help speed up healing? how long will the process take for a full recovery? thanks

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Hello Sister Jojo,

HNP or hernia nucleus pulposus is a condition of spinal cord clamping as a result of disorders of the spinal structure and weakness of the spinal cord. Lumbar means the location of the nerve disorder, namely in the lumbar (waist) bone, AP means anterior posterior, namely the position of the examination.

Irritation of the spinal cord causes various symptoms such as cramps to pain in the parts it innervates, as well as pain in the spine that can spread to other parts of the body. Various things can cause it such as improper sitting position, habit of carrying heavy objects, accidents, genetic weakness.

Follow-up examinations to determine the exact location of the pinched nerve and its severity that will affect healing can be like an MRI or CT scan. Then consult the results with the neurosurgeon who treats you.

For treatment that can be given by doctors such as painkillers to temporarily relieve pain, and physiotherapy to help position the structure of the bones and muscles. If an urgent situation requires surgery.

that can be done to help healing and prevent severity such as learning how to sit properly, avoid carrying heavy objects, especially more than 3 kg, avoid activities that burden the spine, choose types of exercise that do not burden the bones such as swimming. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. multiply the consumption of various vegetables and fruit, eat nutritious side dishes. Avoid obesity. Hope it is useful

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