The Process Of Ischemic Stroke?

Illustration of The Process Of Ischemic Stroke?
Illustration: The Process Of Ischemic Stroke?

Hello doctor, in the series of ischemic stroke events, the right sequence is the ischemic tissue in the brain or cerebral hypoxia first? That is related to the pathway, thanks

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Hi Nike,

Ischemic stroke is a stroke caused due to a sudden narrowing or blockage of the arteries of the arteries that cause insufficiency / inadequate blood flow (ischemic). Blood, especially red blood cells, is an oxygen carrier. Ischemic condition will cause hypoxia in brain (cerebral) tissue.

Ischemic stroke can be caused by thrombus blockage, narrowing due to atherosclerosis, or spasm of the arteries. Risk factors for ischemic stroke are increased in conditions of obesity, history of diabetes, history of high cholesterol, history of hypertension, smokers, lack of activity, heart problems, etc. Ischemic stroke is characterized by symptoms:

The face is not symmetrical, the corner of the eye or the corner of the lip falls next to the weakness of one side of the body, for example the left hand can not be moved but the right hand can talk Pelo or can not talk at all Suddenly fall and so on take it to the doctor immediately. Initial treatment is usually done, while carrying out physical examinations and investigations such as CT scans and blood laboratories to support the diagnosis of ischemic stroke.

Apply a healthy lifestyle. If there is a family history of ischemic stroke children should also have a regular check-up, maintaining ideal body weight. Ischemic stroke can occur repeatedly and requires prolonged therapy so that the patient can return to normal activities. Some sequels such as talk pelo, squint, weak hands / feet even settled in some patients. Therefore, as much as possible avoid risk factors to prevent ischemic stroke.

Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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