The Prostate Arises After Hemorrhoids Surgery?

Good night want to ask, you have a hemorrhoid surgery but after that he could not urinate and then checked again he said there was prostate enlargement and suggested surgery, what in the opinion of the doctor about this problem whether to have surgery again after a few days after hemorrhoid surgery … . now installed pee hose

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your concern. Conditions that your brother experienced with difficulty urinating can be caused by a variety of things, including accidental prostate disorders, but it could also be due to injury to nerves, urinary muscle weakness, urinary tract narrowing, and blockages due to other conditions. For more certain can not be determined without a direct examination by a urologist.

Regarding your question, unfortunately our position here is not possible to correct your doctor's decision, because we do not have your brother examined directly to assess whether the examination and conclusion are correct or not, and whether it is indeed a final choice or there are other options. Because on the one hand, although rare, this condition can happen but on the other hand, it will certainly be very troublesome, painful and prolong the recovery of your brother if you have to be operated on again so quickly.

So we suggest, if your brother objects to surgery immediately, if possible, check with a urologist at another hospital to get a second opinion. It is his right as a patient to get a second opinion. But if this is not possible, discuss it again with the doctor who decided it and ask if it was indeed a final decision. If it is final and there are no other mitigating measures, this is indeed the case. Because if the urine is difficult to get out, it is not possible to continue to use a pee hose, the action must be done, even if it takes the form of surgery again. So, hopefully answering your question.

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