The Recommended Distance Between Pregnancies After Cesarean Delivery?

Illustration of The Recommended Distance Between Pregnancies After Cesarean Delivery?
Illustration: The Recommended Distance Between Pregnancies After Cesarean Delivery?

Noon, I am 27 years old. R nI am pregnant with my second child, my first child is still 16 months old and was born by caesarean section. the pain and the stomach like cramps and hard so that it was difficult for me to walk. r nWhen I sat, I could not take long because my stomach felt cramped and dizzy, had difficulty breathing, r nIs that normal because my pregnancy was too close to a cesarean section? the first child? r nI now sleep more often, what is the danger of giving birth later? r nIs frequent sleep dangerous for my 2nd caesarean section? r nThank you ,,

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Hi Ami,

Thank you for asking

The recommended interval between pregnancies after cesarean delivery is not less than 2 years. This period is needed for your uterus and reproductive organs to recover after childbirth so that it is strong to carry a new fetus.

The distance between pregnancies that are too close to what you are experiencing can obviously cause a variety of complaints, including abdominal pain, aches and pains in various other bodies, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, and so on. Not only that, the distance between pregnancies that is too close can also increase your risk of having a cesarean delivery again in your second pregnancy, experiencing abnormalities in the location of the placenta, postpartum hemorrhage, stillbirth or cesarean delivery, premature labor, babies born with LBW (baby weight low birth), and so on.

Apart from the fact that the wound healing process in the uterus has not been optimal after your previous delivery, the various complaints you feel are also exacerbated by hormonal changes, namely the increase in the beta hormone hCG which will peak later when your pregnancy reaches 12 to 20 weeks. This condition is likely to make you easily tired, dizzy, drowsy often, shortness of breath, stomach cramps, and so on.

Mothers who are pregnant, especially those with a history of previous cesarean delivery that are too close to each other, are strongly advised to get more rest, including regular sleep. However, that does not mean you are free to just lie around. You still need to be active, exercise, maintain a healthy diet, do other productive activities, take care of your baby who still needs your attention, and also maintain the health of the fetus in your womb.

Therefore, you should carry out regular controls regarding your pregnancy to an obstetrician. At a young gestational age, it is advisable to undergo control to a gynecologist every 1 month, followed by 2 weeks at 8 months of gestation. and once a week at 9 months of gestation until it is time for your labor to arrive. Also discuss with your doctor regarding good pregnancy care including the best way of delivery for your future pregnancy.

In addition, you can take care of your womb in the following ways:

Get enough sleep 6 to 8 hours a day Breastfeed your baby, unless the doctor recommends otherwise Drink more, eat healthy and nutrient-rich foods Do not eat late, eat moderate portions, but often Also balance your large meals by eating vegetables, fruit, and Adequate plain water Stay away from cigarettes and alcohol Compress stomach cramps and pain with warm water. Raise your head a little while sleeping so that tightness and stomach cramps are reduced Wear comfortable clothes Minimize heavy lifting Perform pregnancy exercises at the right time (consult your doctor) Ask for help from your spouse and relatives to take care of your baby so that you don't get tired.

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