The Recommended Gestational Age For Caesarean Section?

At night, I was pregnant with my second child, my first child was born with SC, the distance between the first and second children was about 2 years and a half, the doctor did not recommend a normal delivery and asked me to do SC when I entered the womb 37/38 weeks before the contraction occurred because The link is still thin and I am also a bit confused, about the fact that I have entered 38 weeks or 37 weeks, if the USG estimate was born 6 September 18, is that right? Once another doctor ultrasound 14 sept 18 .. HPHT 5 dec 17. r nThen if I gave birth at 37/38 week, are the organs in the baby’s body such as lungs, heart, brain, etc. are ripe? I was just afraid that when I was born it was quite far from the baby’s estimate that medical treatments would be required again. R nPlease input, r nThank you

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Hello Gayoni,

Pregnant women who have a history of cesarean delivery can actually give birth normally as long as the conditions are met. Normal delivery with a history of cesarean delivery is called VBAC / Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Delivery. Not all pregnant women are safe to do this VBAC, several conditions that must be fulfilled include:

Minimum delivery interval of 2 years
History of caesarean once with a horizontal incision in the lower uterine segment (not a T / vertical incision because it is more at risk of uterine tears)
The thickness of the lower uterine segment of at least 5 mm (can be determined through ultrasound examination): the possibility of this consideration that according to your doctor it is safer to undergo a cesarean section again than normal, if forced to be normal there is a risk of uterine tearing
There should be no complications in the pregnancy and the reasons for a previous caesarean should not be repeated
There is no previous history of uterine tears
There must be a doctor and supporting facilities if an emergency caesarean is required, for example because of fetal distress or uterine rupture
There are no other medical conditions that contraindicate normal delivery

Regarding the recommendation when to do a cesarean section, planned caesarean delivery is generally done when the gestational age is quite months, which is around 37-40 weeks. When the pregnancy is full-term, it is hoped that the baby's organs will have developed properly and are able to live outside the womb without assistance, unless there are complications or special conditions in the baby. Doctors decide to do a cesarean at the age of 37-38 weeks, possibly with the consideration that there are no contractions first.

The HPL / estimated day of birth is the date where your pregnancy is 40 weeks. HPL can be calculated from HPHT, it can also be from ultrasound, usually used is HPL from ultrasound in the first trimester. You can discuss again with your gynecologist about your HPL.

If your obstetrician examination concludes that it is safer to do a C-section at 37-38 gestational age, I suggest that you follow the doctor's recommendations. If you are in doubt, you can try to find a second opinion with another obstetrician first so that you can re-evaluate the condition of your uterus.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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