The Relationship Between Birth Control Injections And Cholesterol Levels?

Tonight, can kb injections affect cholesterol levels?

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Birth control injections are hormonal contraceptives that contain the progestin hormone, which is similar to the natural female hormone progesterone. With birth control injections, you can stop ovulation. In Indonesia, there are two most common types of family planning injections, namely the 1 month family planning injection and the 3 month family planning injection. The 1 month birth control injection contains a combination of the hormones progestin and estrogen. The 3 month birth control injection contains the progestin hormone. Research reports that hormonal contraceptives or hormonal injections affect the fat profile. In addition, injectable contraceptives also have an effect on fat metabolism, particularly lipoproteins. Changes in fat metabolism that occur due to hormonal influences, causing disruption of the balance of fat profiles in the body and dyslipidemia. Long-term contraceptive use can be a risk factor for atherosclerosis. Research conducted by WHO shows that when using the depot medroxyprogesterone, there is a temporary change in the blood lipid profile and begins to appear within a few weeks after injection, so it is advisable to check blood lipid levels for long-term use.

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