The Relationship Between Hepatitis B And The Stomach?

Illustration of The Relationship Between Hepatitis B And The Stomach?
Illustration: The Relationship Between Hepatitis B And The Stomach?

, my parents have chronic hepatitis B and have been diagnosed with liver.

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Hi Imam, thank you for the question.

Hepatitis B is a condition in which the liver or liver is infected with the Hepatitis B virus. This condition will usually cause symptoms such as:

Pain in the abdomen, usually in the upper right area to the middle of the stomach
Urine or urine that is darker in color, such as tea-colored or darker
Decreased appetite
Joint pain, fatigue, the body becomes weak and weak
The presence of yellowish symptoms of the skin and sclera of the eye (the white part of the eye)

This condition can indeed be related to stomach disorders, which usually can be related to infection from the Hepatitis B virus itself, or related to emotional stress, as well as the medication regimen your parents took. In addition, other disorders may also cause similar symptoms, including:

Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach
Excessive stomach acid causes stomach acid to rise up into the esophagus
Injury to the stomach wall
Other gastrointestinal infections
Infection of the bile duct, pancreas, or blockage of the bile duct and pancreas by gallstones

My advice at this time, try to re-consult the condition of your parents to the Internal Medicine Specialist who treats it. This is important, because if your parents do not consume enough nutrients, this can make it difficult for your immune system to deal with this condition. In addition, try to reduce your intake of fatty foods, and try not to eat large portions at once. Divide the meal hours for your parents, for example Morning 6 o'clock to eat half a portion, 9/10 am eat another snack or half a portion, lunch at 12 o'clock a half portion, then 3/4 o'clock eat half a portion, 6 o'clock a half portion , then at 8/9 eat again. this can be adjusted according to the appetite of your parents. However, still remember to provide a diet or food as recommended by the doctor. If your parents really experience a decrease in their appetite, which is very excessive, so that they become weak, energetic, and unconscious, immediately take them to see the doctor. don't forget to also meet the fluid needs of about 2-3 liters per day.

Here are the articles you can read:

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Hopefully the answers I provide can help.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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