The Relationship Between Linea Alba And HIV?

Illustration of The Relationship Between Linea Alba And HIV?
Illustration: The Relationship Between Linea Alba And HIV? Bing

not long ago I had linea alba in my mouth.rnWhat I’m asking is if it has anything to do with HIV and what are the other causes of linea alba?rnThank you.

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lo Yulius, Thank you for your question on

Linea Alba is a white line in the oral mucosa from the lips to the back teeth, which is formed due to irritation, trauma or pressure.

Linea alba is closely related to HIV. People with HIV are very susceptible to thrush, which is the body's natural defense mechanism, which is damaged, and their immune system is weak. So the presence of white lines in the oral cavity or white patches in the mouth, in addition to indicating HIV infection, also other causes, namely:

Irregular teeth position so that they often rub against the lining of the mouth when chewing food.
Candidiasis, an infection caused by a fungus in the mouth
Tonsillitis, viral or bacterial infection of the tonsils
Sore throat
Oral herpes, herpes simplex virus infection

To find out the cause of linea alba, or white patches in your mouth, you should see a doctor for a physical examination of your mouth, and carry out supporting examinations such as blood tests and a white swab swab. the cause.

If the linea alba in your mouth occurs for a long time and often comes and goes, has a long fever, accompanied by drastic weight loss, immediately consult a doctor for an HIV test.

What you can do to prevent thrush, linea alba in the mouth is:

Take care of your oral hygiene
Brush your teeth regularly, with the right toothbrush
Eat nutritious food, for endurance
enough rest
Avoid stress and manage stress well

Thank you, hopefully useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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