The Relationship Between Obesity And Menstruation Is Not Smooth?

Illustration of The Relationship Between Obesity And Menstruation Is Not Smooth?
Illustration: The Relationship Between Obesity And Menstruation Is Not Smooth? Bing

, I want to ask about my period. The last 2x menses have not been smooth, after 2 months or even more I just had my period even though before it was about 30 days. I do have obesity. I’ve had time to consult a doctor and have an ultrasound, he said, my hormones are out of balance and there are no signs of cysts and the doctor ordered me to go on a diet. But for the last menstruation it lasted very long, it was almost 1 month. At first it came out just a little and the texture was normal. But over time the blood that comes out becomes more and more (but still normal). But after 2 weeks of menses I had a little time to come out, I thought I was going to finish it. Then suddenly there was a clot of blood coming out and including a large clot, after that my menses came out a lot but it was liquid like mixed with water. I’m currently on a diet program. Is it influential?

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Hi Theresa,

Thank you for asking

Obesity is one of the factors that can cause irregular menstruation. The exact mechanism is not clearly known. However, when you are obese, excess fat is thought to have an effect resembling the hormone estrogen in the body. This is what then makes menstruation irregular, sometimes menstruation can not come for months, but at other times menstruation can come more and even clots.

By adjusting a good diet and exercise pattern, these menstrual cycle disorders can generally be overcome. However, you also need to know that a healthy diet is done gradually, it should not be too extreme. If this principle is violated, then your menstrual cycle can actually be more irregular.

In addition to obesity and your diet, irregular menstrual cycles can also be affected by stress, fatigue, drug side effects, thyroid gland disorders, and so on.

Keep on your diet to get the ideal body posture. You can do the following tips as a benchmark in doing a healthy diet:

Keep eating regularly 2 to 3 times a day, only the portions are reduced little by little
Limit the calorie intake in your diet
Lots of vegetables, fruit
Reduce offal, animal skins, foods high in carbohydrates and salt
Eat healthy snacks between 2 meals, such as vegetables, juices, fruit
Drink more
Regular exercise 3 to 4 times a week, for example jogging, swimming, cycling, lifting weights, floor exercises
Don't stress, don't stay up late
Avoid smoking and alcohol

If after 3 months of following the diet pattern above in a disciplined manner, your menstruation still hasn't improved, you should re-examine your complaint to a gynecologist for further treatment.

How obesity impacts your menstrual cycle?

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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