The Relationship Between Psychiatric And Tremor In The Hands?

Hello, I’m Anwar. Currently I am undergoing a psychiatric drug treatment process, my initial suspicion is that I have bipolar disorder. For a long time I experienced tremors in my hands and feet, like I was out of control. is there a connection between my psychic and the tremor? thank you

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Tremors are conditions that cause the body to vibrate, especially in the limbs and arms. A tremor can be a normal condition, but can also indicate a disease.
Tremors occur as a result of fairly complex nerve activity, involving the brain and the arrangement of peripheral nerves that are not well controlled.
Some causes of tremors include:

Hypoglycemia / low blood sugar levels
Psychological disorders such as anxiety, worry, panic, shock
Hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism
Disorders in the brain such as brain injury, stroke, brain tumor, cerebellar degeneration, multiple sclerosis, and various other brain disorders
Parkinson's disease
Effect of certain drugs

Related to your question, Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder that makes a person's mood change sometimes. Therefore
bipolar disorder sufferers are generally rarely found to have tremor complaints.
However, the influence of drugs consumed can trigger tremors in patients.
The best step is to consult directly with a psychiatric specialist who treats you to get more complete information. Physical examination is very necessary to identify the type of tremor experienced and extract information related to your previous illness / complaint history. If necessary, a supporting examination can be done by means of a CT scan or MRI or electromyogram.
So much information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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