The Results Of Examining A Small Lump In The Neck?

Illustration of The Results Of Examining A Small Lump In The Neck?
Illustration: The Results Of Examining A Small Lump In The Neck?

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Neck lumps have several possible causes, depending on their location and size as well as their consistency. Some of the possible causes of a neck lump are:

swollen lymph nodes
lipoma, a lump filled with a build-up of fat
cyst, a sac-filled lump whose contents can be fluid or fat or something else
enlarged salivary glands / salivary gland stones

Given the many possible causes, several tests are also needed to establish a diagnosis in which direction, whether it is the thyroid gland or lymph nodes or other tumors. Then usually it will be suggested to do additional tests such as blood tests, examination of thyroid hormone levels, ultrasound examination or tissue biopsy.

The lab value on each instrument is different, usually it will be written on the lab test result sheet, the normal value. But here I attach an overview of the normal value of thyroid hormone levels:

T4: 4.6-12 ug / dl
T3: 80-180 ng / dl
FT4: 0.7-1.9 ng / dl
FT3: 230-619 pg / dl
TSH 0.5-6 uU / dl

To diagnose a disease, apart from being seen from the lab results as well as based on the symptoms experienced, the doctor's direct physical examination of the lump is also supported by laboratory results.

Hypothyroidism usually has symptoms of dry skin, is more sensitive to cold air / temperature, weight gain, fatigue, low T3 & T4 lab results and high TSH

Hyperthyroidism usually has symptoms of profuse sweating, sensitivity to hot air, weight loss for no apparent reason, heart palpitations. On examination of thyroid hormone levels, T3 & T4 are high, while TSH is down / low

To find out the exact cause that you are experiencing, you should check again / control with a doctor who advises you to do the thyroid hormone examination. Handling in accordance with the results of the examination and the cause.

Some things to note:

healthy lifestyles
eat nutritious foods
avoid eating fatty foods, sodas, junk food
avoid smoking
consume enough food using iodized salt
get enough rest
don't squeeze the lump

read things related to neck lumps, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, goiter, enlarged lymph nodes

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