The Results Of The Chest X-ray PA

Illustration of The Results Of The Chest X-ray PA
Illustration: The Results Of The Chest X-ray PA

In the afternoon the doctor, my husband did a chest X-ray and the results were as follows Cor: normal shape and size Pulmo: Perihilar fibrosis, right paracardial infiltrate (-) Sinus and diaphragm appear. Please explain, yes doctor. Specifically about pulmo: visible perihilar, right paracardial fibrosis. What do you mean doctor? Thank you very much … Bones and soft tissue are good

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We understand the concerns that you feel
Chest X-ray is one of the investigations to find out the picture of organs in the chest.
Based on information from chest x-ray examination conducted, cast or heart has a good picture / found no significant abnormalities.
Whereas in the lungs found a picture of right paracardial perihilar fibrosis. Fibrosis is scar tissue that can form in the lung tissue. Generally there is a partial response to inflammation, infections that occur before, breathing air contained by chemicals, the influence of drugs to certain medical conditions.
Right paracardial perihilar fibrosis means that the location of fibrosis is in the right part of the perihilar heart or around the lung branches near the right side of the heart.
Pulmonary fibrosis often causes complaints of uncomfortable morning sufferers, such as shortness of breath even though doing light activities.

X-ray examination can not be used as the main diagnosis, because it is only as a supporting examination. The chest X-ray only helps assess the picture of the lungs, heart and surrounding tissue. Determination of the diagnosis can only be done by the doctor in accordance with the results of the history, physical examination that has been done and is assisted with an overview of the results of supporting examinations.

In this case we suggest consulting a pulmonary specialist to obtain further information and evaluation.
Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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