The Results Of The Investigations Did Not Show Appendicitis?

Illustration of The Results Of The Investigations Did Not Show Appendicitis?
Illustration: The Results Of The Investigations Did Not Show Appendicitis?

ask for advice r nSy already on ultrasound and ctscan with the diagnosis there is no appendix I have pain in the right stomach, the area near the navel, but it doesn’t hurt too much, the right leg is bent to the stomach and it doesn’t hurt and dr suggested that I get surgery as soon as possible what do you think

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From the information you have conveyed, the results of ultrasound examination and CT scan, show sufficient supporting tests to determine whether there is an inflammatory process in the appendix. If the results of the two tests show no inflammation or infection, it means that there is no appendix infection.

In addition, a physical examination that does not support the diagnosis of appendicitis has also been obtained. So it is necessary to know other possible causes of the complaint that you are currently feeling.

Some of the conditions below can also cause pain complaints as you have mentioned, such as:

1. gastric disorders

2. digestive disorders, such as food poisoning, food intolerance, diarrhea

3. bladder disorders

4. disorders of the abdominal muscles

5. disorders of the reproductive system in women

Therefore, you can ask other surgeons for a second opinion to provide information based on your clinical condition or the results of the examination obtained. The possibility of other clinical conditions that I am not aware of can also be a consideration for your surgeon to recommend surgery. So by asking for a second opinion directly from another surgeon, you will get better information, because the surgeon will do a direct examination to get information on your clinical condition.

Thus, the doctor will be able to provide advice on whether to need surgery at this time.

That's the information we can convey, read also right abdominal pain.


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