The Right Age For The Pregnancy Ultrasound Check?

Assalamualiakum … r nDok I want to ask, when did I check the ultrasound again before I did an ultrasound at the age of 29 weeks and how dangerous it would be if I often do ultrasound r nthanks

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Ultrasound examination aims to see many things from the womb. Can describe the baby's condition in general (active or not), body size by measuring the length of the thighbone and head circumference, the condition of the bag and amniotic fluid. By knowing a picture of the condition of the fetus, it is useful to determine the mode of birth and predict any complications and complications.

Ultrasound should ideally be performed at least 3 times, ie when the first time to determine the presence of a fetus can be seen at 5 weeks of age, then in the first trimester to confirm the date of birth, and at 18 weeks of age to determine pregnancy. Apart from these purposes, ultrasound is only performed to determine whether or not there is complication.

Ultrasound tends to be harmless because it does not use radiation to produce images, ultrasound uses sound waves which only reflect images for solid, liquid or semisolid objects, and air. So ultrasound tends to be safe.

We recommend that you find out whether or not it is necessary in accordance with the health condition of your womb, you can check with the nearest health facility that has this facility.

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