The Right Eye Bag Is Bigger Than The Left Eye?

Illustration of The Right Eye Bag Is Bigger Than The Left Eye?
Illustration: The Right Eye Bag Is Bigger Than The Left Eye?

Hello, I have a problem with appearance, why are my right eye bags so big? Even though the left hand is not big and standard and almost doesn’t exist, if I smile then there are really differences in my eye bags, even though I have never felt pain or anything in my eye area, I think in the past my junior high school didn’t like this, but now I’m 17 years old. like this huh? Please explain, and I need advice to resolve it, thank you. Assalamualikum wr.wb🙇

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Basically, the human face will continue to experience changes with age. These facial changes can occur due to changes in bone structure, changes in facial fat deposition, changes in skin structure, changes in tooth shape, facial injury, exposure to sunlight, habits (eg habit of sustaining the face, sleeping on one side, chewing food on one side, habits breathing from the mouth, etc.). As we get older, it's likely that the face will also become increasingly asymmetrical. The appearance of eye bags in one eye can also arise due to these factors.

The following are some things you can do to reduce the appearance of your eye bags:

Compress your eyes with cold compresses or with cold cucumbers
Get enough sleep and rest (sleep at least 7-9 hours a day)
Try not to sleep on one side continuously
Avoid direct sunlight on the face, use a hat or umbrella on a hot day, and always use sunscreen when going out in the morning or afternoon. Application of sunscreen every 2 hours is also required
Drink enough fluids every day
Avoid smoking, and reduce drinking alcoholic drinks or caffeinated drinks

If you feel uncomfortable with your appearance, you can consult directly with a dermatologist for a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment.

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