The Right Eye Cannot Blink.?

Hello doctor, I have a friend aged 18, years with complaints of his right eye can not blink, my friend does normal activities like people in general, complaints are not accompanied by a tingling sensation on the face, not accompanied by headaches, no other complaints, this complaint starting a month ago, is this a disruption to the nervous system or eyelids? What is the right diagnosis and therapy to be able to blink? We want to consult with the nearest doctor further, but we have to go to a neurologist or an eye specialist? Thank you, doctor

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Blink of an eye, even though it seems trivial, has very good benefits for the eyes. With a wink, the tear glands will produce more tears, so that eye moisture is always maintained. Not only that, by blinking the eyes, the eyes will avoid the potential entry of harmful foreign substances, including dust, insects, and so on. When blinking, the eye muscles and surrounding areas that were previously tense, can also become more relaxed so that vision function will improve.

Can not blink as your colleague experienced may be caused by many factors, including for example disorders of the nerves around the eyes (for example due to Bell's palsy, brain tumors, strokes, multiple sclerosis), disorders of eye muscles (for example due to injuries), the presence of substances that are block eyelid movements (for example due to hordeolum, kalazion, blepharitis), formation of scar tissue that blocks the movement of the eyelids (for example due to a history of surgery or injury around the eyes), and so on.

It is very difficult to ascertain the condition of your colleague without direct examination. Therefore, we suggest, invite him to check his complaints directly to the doctor or the nearest eye specialist. Through direct examination, the doctor can also determine whether your colleague needs to be referred to a neurologist or not.

For now, you can help him do the following steps:

In order not to enter dangerous foreign objects, close the blinking eye with a gauze band that is glued (not too tight), change periodically to avoid getting dirty Tell your colleague to always wash your hands before contacting with your eyes Remind your colleague to take regular breaks, play less gadgets, and always live a healthy lifestyle so that the endurance of his body is maintained Hopefully it helps yes ..

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