The Right Eye Is Narrow, The Mouth Is Not Symmetrical On The Right?

Illustration of The Right Eye Is Narrow, The Mouth Is Not Symmetrical On The Right?
Illustration: The Right Eye Is Narrow, The Mouth Is Not Symmetrical On The Right?

Good morning, r nMy mother, aged 54 years, the right eye is slanted, then the mouth is on the right side / pointing to the cheek, as if it is pulled and feels like being stabbed … I’ve been controlling for 5 times … but I still don’t know what the pain is. . and if asked, the answer is good .. what do .. r n What I want to ask, according to, what is the diagnosis of the disease my mother is experiencing … and what are the steps for healing / prevention .. r nThank you ..

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at The change in the shape of the half of the face that you are describing with the right eye slanted, the right mouth is not symmetrical with the left and there are symptoms of pain that are felt, can indicate several possible diseases, including:

Bell's palsy. It is a temporary paralysis of one side of the facial muscles, the cause of which is still not known with certainty. This condition will improve in a matter of weeks. Multiple sclerosis. This immune system disorder that attacks the body's own nerves can cause damage to the facial nerves and cause numbness or weakness, visual disturbances, and sharp pain. Stroke. A condition that occurs when blood flow to one part of the brain is interrupted due to bleeding or a blockage, causing the sufferer to feel one of the symptoms of an asymmetrical or muscular face.

Of the three possibilities above, to determine which one is most likely to be experienced by your mother, or it could be outside of the three, you must go through an in-depth examination by a doctor. Your doctor will perform an examination using a small hammer called a reflex hammer, and some of its components to find out where the neurological disorders your mother is experiencing, and a supporting examination in the form of a CT scan if an abnormality is suspected in the brain.

Our advice is that if you have just checked your mother to a general practitioner, check with your mother to a neurologist. If you have previously been to a neurologist, then you or your mother have the right to ask about what disease your mother has suffered until you understand, or ask for a second opinion from another neurologist.

Regarding the cure, it will depend on what the diagnosis will only be known after direct examination. But in general, maintaining blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels within normal limits must be done in addition to living a healthy life by staying away from stress, consuming lots of water, increasing nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit, and limiting physical activity. I wish your mother a speedy recovery.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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