The Right Eye Looks Myopic When Closed?

Illustration of The Right Eye Looks Myopic When Closed?
Illustration: The Right Eye Looks Myopic When Closed?

my left eye is narrower than my right eye. to see is still clearly visible because there is my right eye, but when my right eye is closed, it looks more myopic. Is this because in normal activities my eyes are open but the right one is used more? is there such an influence?

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Hello Leodiann.

Thank you for the question.

When looking at an object, we need light reflection from the object to be transmitted to our eyes. From our eyes, forwarded to the brain for interpretation. Vision or vision becomes blurred when the image from the reflection of the object transmitted to our eye does not fall at one point or does not fall right on the retina. This change can occur in one eye or both. The cause is because:

myopia or nearsightedness where the image falls in front of the retina
hypermetropia or farsightedness where a shadow falls behind the retina
astigmatism or cylinder where the image falls on many points on the retina due to a change in the curvature or surface of the cornea or lens
eye injury
eye infection due to both viruses and bacteria
nerve inflammation
disorders of the retina
old age

Are you currently wearing glasses? If so, you should continue to use glasses and routine controls to evaluate your vision ability. If not, you should consult an ophthalmologist to find out the exact cause of decreased sharpness in your right eye.

As for the advice I can give at this time to maintain the health of your eyes and not make it worse:

enough rest
limit the use of gadgets
read at a sufficient distance
eat nutritious and healthy foods
don't rub your eyes too vigorously if they feel itchy
Do not use excessive eye drops before consulting a doctor
avoid exposure to direct sunlight by using a hat or umbrella or sunglasses
use a helmet with a face covering when riding a motorbike

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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