The Right Eyelid Has A Bump?

Illustration of The Right Eyelid Has A Bump?
Illustration: The Right Eyelid Has A Bump?

Doctor, help me I want to download this application but there’s no more space. My child has been injected to remove the fluid by an ophthalmologist but how come it doesn’t go flat, huh? During these 3 weeks only Fenicol ointment was given. Is it okay ,? Please doctor

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Hello Melida,

Thank you for the question.

Lumps in a child's eyelids can occur due to many factors, the most common is hordeolum (stint). Hordeolum itself occurs due to inflammation of the oil glands in the eyelid, can be due to infection, improper use of skin care products, anatomical disorders of the oil glands from birth, blepharitis, and many other factors. Lumps caused by hordeolum will usually appear reddish, painful, warm when touched, and often deflate or break on their own and then produce pus.

Not only hordeolum, a lump in the child's eyelids may also occur due to kalazion, preseptal cellulitis, folliculitis, blepharitis, benign or malignant tumors, contact dermatitis, insect bite marks, skin tags, warts, and so on. Depending on the cause, this bump on the eyelid can certainly require different management.

Lumps on your child's eyelids that don't go flat and have been injected and treated by a doctor should be checked by a doctor, ophthalmologist, or pediatrician. That way, it can be determined as to what the best treatment is, whether it needs to be given more drugs, or maybe it also needs to be done supporting tests such as biopsy or ultrasound. In the meantime, you can try the following steps to improve your child's condition:

Encourage children not to hold the area around their eyes with dirty hands
Familiarize children to be diligent in washing hands, also shorten the nails regularly
Do not carelessly give a child an ointment or other medication to his eyes without doctor's advice
If the child feels pain in his eyes, help compress with warm water to reduce the pain

Hope this helps ...

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