The Right Face Care When Going To Replace New Skin Care?

Illustration of The Right Face Care When Going To Replace New Skin Care?
Illustration: The Right Face Care When Going To Replace New Skin Care?

Hello ….. I want to change the cream and there is a pause to neutralize my face for 1 week, and if I can use powder then as long as I neutralize my face, I have to use Wash my face or not, then Wash facility what is suitable as long as I neutralize my face ….? Thank you doctor

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Hello Niar,

Thank you for the question.

Caring for skin health is very important function, not only to support appearance, but also to support general bodily functions. This skin care treatment is ideally carried out under the direct supervision of a doctor or dermatologist. Why does it have to be that way? Because today, so many skin care products are scattered on the market, which are claimed to be safe by the manufacturer, but contain chemical substances that are harmful to the skin and health.

Therefore, before answering your question, it needs to be clarified first, what kind of skin care products do you want to use? Is it given after you undergo a direct examination to the doctor? If yes, did the doctor also not explain the procedures that must be carried out before its use?

In the transition period of using certain skin care products, it is necessary to do a period to make neutral skin first. Thus, it is expected that the negative effects of the products used previously can be minimized, so that new skin care products can work more optimally. At this time, the application of a thin powder is fine, provided you choose a powder that is hypo allergenic and non irritative. It is also not forbidden to wash your face with facial soap, as long as you choose one that is balanced, has a mild composition and is suitable for your skin type. However, these recommendations may differ depending on the type of skin care product you want to use.

Therefore, if the skin care product is prescribed by a doctor, of course the doctor has also explained to you the procedure before its use to get optimal results. If not, you should consult this matter directly by returning to the doctor or dermatologist who prescribed it. However, if in fact you use the product independently without a doctor's examination before, then we are not authorized to assess its safety, especially advising you on what the correct usage procedures are without knowing the exact composition in the product.

Hope this helps ...

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