The Right Foods For Recovery After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

Morning doctor, I want to ask, I got pregnant after surgery on October 5 yesterday, what are the taboos that should not be eaten and what are good things to eat for postoperative recovery

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Hello Aulia Thank you for asking

Pregnancy outside the womb in medical language is also called ectopic pregnancy, if the ectopic pregnancy ruptures it can cause internal bleeding in the abdominal cavity, and is dangerous so that surgery is carried out immediately. The type of surgery performed is usually a laparotomy.

Actually, there are no specific foods that are taboo when you have had this operation. However, eating the right foods can help you speed up the healing process, by regulating food intake after you have undergone surgery is one way to get the energy and content needed for the body to return to normal activities.

In principle, the way to improve the nutritional status needed for surgical wound healing is to eat whole foods. Wholefood is food that is still close to its original condition, for example foods that are not completely processed at all such as vegetables and fruit, or foods that are minimally processed such as oats, boiled potatoes. Wholefood contains more nutrients, is high in fiber, vitamins and other micronutrients that the body needs for postoperative recovery.

The following types of food are good for you to consume to help your post-surgery recovery process:

High-fiber foods: high-fiber foods can prevent you from constipation. Where constipation is one of the complications after you have surgery, besides that if you are constipated it can cause pain in the area of ​​the operation, and can cause the surgical wound to be difficult to heal because it is stretched when you push, even the stitches that have not dried can open when you pushing. Examples of high-fiber foods: corn, oatmeal, wheat, fresh fruit (not packaged fruit), unprocessed vegetables, cereals (choose cereals that are low in sugar but high in fiber)

Avoid foods that cause constipation: for example canned fruit or packaged dried fruit, foods that have been through a long process of processing, cheese, foods that are high in sugar such as candy, cakes, sweet breads, and other high-sugar foods.

Foods that contain protein: protein can aid in the wound healing process and help form new tissue. You can consume foods such as chicken, fish, other seafood, eggs, lean meat, tempeh, soybeans, nuts. But keep in mind that some of these foods can cause constipation, so eat a balanced diet along with other high-fiber foods.

Contains Vitamins: Vitamin C is believed to help the body to form collagen which is needed for wound healing. Vitamin C is found in fresh fruit, such as oranges, potatoes, strawberries, kiwi, mango.

Minerals: needed minerals such as zinc or zinc and iron can help heal wounds and restore energy after surgery. Foods with high iron content, for example, nuts, whole wheat bread, eggs. And zinc can be found in seafood or seafood, lean meats and nuts. Avoid drinking with tea, tea can interfere with your absorption of iron.

Consumption of mineral water: the recommended water consumption is 8 glasses per day to speed up postoperative recovery.

What you consume after surgery can help determine the process of healing and wound healing, use the recovery time by eating healthy and nutritious foods, make sure you also eat foods with enough calories so that your body is energized in the recovery process.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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