The Right Hand Feels Sore And Invulnerable With Aches?

Illustration of The Right Hand Feels Sore And Invulnerable With Aches?
Illustration: The Right Hand Feels Sore And Invulnerable With Aches?

Tonight … I want to ask … my right hand likes to feel sick and invulnerable … it feels like sore but does not feel anything “… that’s why huh … ??

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Hello Rosdian Putri, thank you for the question.

Hands that are felt like aches and numbness can be caused due to interference with the nerves, muscles, or tendons. Complaints like this could be due to pressure on the median nerve through the carpal tunnel in the wrist or due to pressure on the blood vessels so that blood flow to the median nerve decreases so that it can cause aching complaints accompanied by numbness. This disease is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Symptoms that appear are usually tingling, lack of feeling or numbness, the feeling of fingers such as being exposed to electricity (tingling), pain in the hands especially at night, reduced when the patient massages or moves or shakes his hand or by placing his hand in a more position high. Pain will also be reduced if more patients rest their hands. The risk of this disease will increase in people who frequently and routinely use their wrists such as washing, typing, writing, sewing etc., or in people with osteoarthritis, diabetes, acromegaly, pregnant women, or have an injury to the wrist. In addition to these diseases, other diseases that can cause similar complaints include:

Tendinitis Peripheral neuropathy Nutritional deficiencies, especially vitamin B6, B12 To ensure that the underlying cause should consult your doctor so that treatment will be more appropriate. The doctor will conduct question and answer, physical examination, and maybe some additional examinations if needed such as laboratory tests, ultrasound, electromyography, and others. Treatment will be adjusted according to the underlying cause. Your doctor may prescribe the use of drugs to carry out surgical procedures, depending on the cause and severity of the underlying disease. To reduce complaints, you can try by wrapping the wrist to reduce the movement that compresses the median nerve, reduce the activity using the wrist, modify activities so that the wrist is not moved too much, adequate rest, drink lots of water, eat healthy food and nutritious, and avoid cigarettes and alcohol. If the complaint does not improve or get worse, you should immediately consult a doctor so that complications do not occur due to the disease.

Thus, hopefully useful.

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