The Right Headache Does Not Go Away?

Illustration of The Right Headache Does Not Go Away?
Illustration: The Right Headache Does Not Go Away?

Hello … I am Ratna, I am 3 years old … I have had headaches for the past few days, the pain has started from my eyebrows to the back of my head, I have been taking painkillers … I have lost the pain but later I feel it again … I often feel mugrain but only now the pain doesn’t go away … why please explain … thanks

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Hello, Ms. Ratna, thank you for consulting us on

Basically headaches can be caused by a variety of clinical conditions. According to health science headaches or headaches that are not caused by other health conditions (primary headaches) can be divided into several types / types, namely:

tension type headache / TTH (Tension Type Headache) Cluster Type Migraine According to your statement, most likely the type of headache you are experiencing is a tension type headache. Tension type headaches are described as having a tight binding strap on the head. Usually more often experienced by adult women. And generally arises in the area of ​​both sides of the head or back of the head, other symptoms that can appear include:

headache when you wake up from lying down pain in the muscles of concentration that is disturbed and sensitive to light and noises difficult to sleep muscles scalp, neck and shoulders feel soft pain that gets worse on the scalp, temples, back of the neck and shoulders However, if So far, we have been given temporary treatment at home, but again with symptoms, it can be considered that there are other underlying causes (secondary type headaches). Some other causes of medical conditions include:

high blood pressure trigeminal neuralgia tumors that grow infections (meningitis, sinusitis, flu, ear infections, dental infections) bleeding trauma in the brain rebound headaches (due to taking too much pain medication) It is very difficult for us to ascertain the underlying cause of your condition Because we don't do a direct examination on yourself, we therefore recommend that you see your doctor and consult and complete the examination. If the doctor requires additional examinations, there will likely be tests such as a blood lab, CT scan or head raid, EEG or even MRI.

While you can add simple treatments at home such as relaxing and compressing warm water on the forehead and neck. Relaxation you can do include exercising, yoga or massaging the head area. In addition, you can also add OTC pain relievers, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can help you. thanks.

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