The Right Palm Feels Thick?

Illustration of The Right Palm Feels Thick?
Illustration: The Right Palm Feels Thick?

I’m sorry, I want to ask. My right hand palms lately feels like thick and also my right arm feels achy. That’s why, thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The conditions that you experience can occur due to several possibilities, including:

Pinched nerve condition
Injury or irritation to nerves
Disorders of the supporting structures of the limbs, such as tendons and ligaments
Inflammation in the joints

Our advice, you should first check your condition at a general practitioner, to find out the tendency through digging history such as knowing exactly how long this has happened, what triggers it, what is a relief, has it been repeated or not, what is your history of illness and so on, physical examination is done by looking directly and assessed whether there are signs of inflammation or the like, and will be referred later if deemed necessary, such as to a rheumatologist, neurologist or orthopedist, to be examined further, for example to be X-rayed. The handling you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection.

Meanwhile, consume nutrients that contain B vitamins, warm compresses to your hands, avoid making repetitive movements such as typing and playing mobile phones, warm compresses, and see a doctor immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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