The Right Solution For Rhinitis?

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I want to ask.. before discussing rhinitis, I want to talk about my weight. I have a thin body, I tried Samyun Wan’s body fattening medicine and I have consumed 2 bottles, thank God, I have gained weight. read if the body fat medicine is not good and don’t depend on it. So I stopped taking the fattening medication because my body was already in good shape. But what makes my stress rhinitis relapse like before, even though as long as I take fattening drugs I never sneeze a day or have runny nose, want it to be cold or in a dusty place. So I want to ask a solution to get rid of rhinitis, sneezing and runny nose, right? that works like I’m taking fattening drugs. Thanks

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Hi zackyhilmy,

Rhinitis is an inflammation that occurs in the mucosa in the nose, causing excessive production of nasal mucus and rhinitis gives symptoms in the form of a runny nose, nasal congestion, can be accompanied by fever or cough and frequent sneezing.

Rhinitis can arise due to several causes such as allergies, irritation due to certain substances that enter the nose or in infections such as influenza. Some suggestions that can be done in rhinitis include:

Use a mask when doing outdoor activities or places that have a lot of dust Use warm clothes at night and adjust the room temperature so that it is not too cold when using air conditioning Consume nutritious foods, especially vegetables and fruits Take supplements containing vitamin C Rest with enough avoid excessive stress

Regarding supplementation to gain weight, you should avoid using supplements to increase weight. A person's ideal weight depends on height and weight and several factors that influence weight, including genetics, physical activity, diet and a history of chronic disease. Supplements that are safe for consumption are supplements registered with BPOM. Some simple ways to increase weight include:

Increase the frequency of eating to 4-6 times in 1 day Provide a source of carbohydrates such as rice, bread or potatoes on each food menu Increase protein intake such as eggs, chicken breast, meat, milk or cheese Exercise regularly at least 3-4 times a week.

We recommend that in conditions of rhinitis that often interfere with activities, do not improve with simple treatment, you should consult a doctor to perform a physical examination and also support such as blood tests or X-rays of your condition so that treatment can be done for rhinitis that often recurs. In addition, you can also consult about programming to increase weight according to your physical activity and diet.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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