The Right Time For Birth Control Pills?

Greetings, I want to ask. When should I start taking birth control pills, does it have to be the first day of menstruation, isn’t 5-7 days taken by birth control pills to effectively protect from pregnancy? 2. Yesterday I consulted the midwife, u0026amp; I have received birth control pills to keep taking to keep hormones from falling apart, even though my husband comes home one year at the earliest (only 1/2 months). Is it true that as long as my husband is not at home, I should keep taking birth control pills, or just a week before my husband go home dok.Thank you

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The contraceptive pill is one of the tools to delay pregnancy by taking pills that contain reproductive hormones so that it regulates the levels of these hormones in the body and prevents the condition of the release of eggs and thickening of the uterine lining. In general, these pills are divided into 2 types, namely 28 pills containing 21 hormone pills and 7 placebo pills (sugar free hormones) and 21 pills that contain homron only, so there will be a gap of about 7 days without taking pills. In general 28 more pills are chosen to prevent consumption or late forgetfulness. And other types seen from the womb are minipil (containing progestin only) and combination pills (estrogen and progesterone)

The use of pills is recommended on the first day of menstruation. This is related to the prevention of taking pills during pregnancy so it is recommended as the most appropriate time to start consumption. However, if consumption on menstrual days has been completed there should be no history of sexual intercourse so there is no possibility for pregnancy.

Some things to note too are

It's best to take birth control pills at the same time because the hormone breaks down in about 24 hours so it should be added the next day
Irregular drinking, if you forget to drink for 2 days or more, it must be re-consumed from the beginning and during this time if having sex should use other contraceptives such as condoms.

For irregular use, for example, taken outside of menstruation, it must be taken consecutively for 7 days and if you have had sexual intercourse before it must be with other contraceptives.

Protection of birth control pills against pregnancy is around 95 to 99%, this depends on the consumption schedule, how to consume it, and when it is related from the time of consumption.

Further information can be seen in the following discussion

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