The Right Time For Intercourse During Pregnancy?

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amualaikum..rngini, I was pregnant with UK 18 weeks, when UK was 14 weeks there were blood spots coming out for 3 days but thank God the fetus was healthy and the obstetrician said it was just because I was tired… during my pregnancy, I have never have sex with my husband because I’m afraid in the first trimester… what I want to ask, when can I have sex after the spots come out and what UK can I have sex with?… thanks ūüôā

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Good evening, Archie. Thank you for your question.

Having sex while pregnant still needs to be done so that harmony with your partner can still be maintained properly. This can be done during the gestational age in the first trimester until the gestational age is seven months old. However, having sex is safe, if your pregnancy is normal and you don't experience any problems.

In general, having sex during pregnancy is safe, because the baby is protected in the womb by the presence of amniotic fluid and thick uterine muscles. During pregnancy, there are usually hormonal changes and hardening of the breasts, nausea and fatigue which can reduce the desire for sexual intercourse. But that does not apply to all pregnant women. And apart from that, during normal pregnancy, sexual intercourse is not always associated with miscarriage

You must avoid having sex if:

Avoid oral sex if your partner has a dangerous sexually transmitted disease such as oral herpes, sexually transmitted diseases, or HIV. You have bleeding from the vagina, Have  placenta previa because of the risk of causing bleeding., Have multiple pregnancies, also avoid sex if the cervix starts to open faster Amniotic fluid ruptures, or have a history of preterm labor. Apart from this, in young pregnancy there must also be a number of things - things that are dangerous if you want to have sex, namely:

Infected with venereal disease Bleeding which can lead to miscarriage, especially if the sex is anal sex. During young pregnancy you should avoid risky oral sex such as blowing the vagina which can cause air embolism in the fetus. In addition, sexual intercourse during pregnancy is also avoided if you and your partner have an infection in the genital area because they can transmit each other. Some things that can be considered when having sex during pregnancy are:

In having sexual intercourse you should do the most comfortable position but avoid having sex through the anus because it has a big risk of infection. Sexual intercourse should also be done using a condom to prevent transmission of infection and to prevent the effects of prostaglandins found in semen. These prostaglandins can trigger contractions in the uterus. Having sex during pregnancy can lead to another pregnancy, namely superfetation. Where this can happen because there are women who can produce 2 eggs at once, not just 1. This also happens because there is no closure of the cervical mucus (a hormonal change that can prevent ovulation) which should close during pregnancy. Apart from that, this can also occur in women who have 2 wombs (wombs). If there has been heavy bleeding, it is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse because it will increase the risk of miscarriage or even more severe bleeding. If you are still confused, you can consult directly with an obstetrician so that you can add your information.

You can read this information. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy?

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