The Right Time For Maternity Leave?

Illustration of The Right Time For Maternity Leave?
Illustration: The Right Time For Maternity Leave?

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Working can indeed be a challenge for pregnant and lactating women. Especially in Indonesia, where maternity leave is allowed is relatively short, ie only 3 months. Therefore, mothers need to arrange carefully exactly when the maternity leave is taken.

Of course, there is no standard when this maternity leave should be done. This is returned to your condition, the condition of the fetus in your womb, and work activities performed.

In general, if there are no complaints experienced during pregnancy, for example in the form of severe abdominal cramps, amniotic seepage, or bleeding, and your work activities you can still do without significant obstacles, maternity leave can be taken at the end of pregnancy (approaching HPL). In this way, postpartum, you can keep your baby longer, so that when you return to work, your baby is old enough, and you can provide enough milk.

However, if you have a history of certain pregnancy disorders, such as early contractions, permeating membranes, recurrent bleeding during pregnancy, severe headaches, severe nausea, vomiting, hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes, shortness of breath, difficult fetal weight, etc. especially if your work activities are quite heavy and the institution where you work also does not provide any relief related to the job, perhaps early maternity leave can help. In this way, the risk of interruption of pregnancy and childbirth, such as premature labor, fetal death in the womb, fetal distress, and so on can be minimized more optimally.

As we mentioned above, the answers to your questions may differ depending on conditions. Therefore, more precisely, you need to check yourself directly to the obstetrician who treats you to be given the best solution.

I hope this helps.

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