The Right Time To Check For Pregnancy Using A Testpack?

Illustration of The Right Time To Check For Pregnancy Using A Testpack?
Illustration: The Right Time To Check For Pregnancy Using A Testpack?

Hello, .. r nThe first day of my last period was April 9th. In the last few days I have had symptoms that could be a sign of pregnancy, such as cramps in the abdomen, sore breasts and fatigue. My menstrual cycle is irregular, usually around 24-28 days. If I use the test pack now, will the results be accurate? R nThank you ..

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Menstrual cycle can change every month. A normal menstrual cycle can range from 21-35 days.

From the situation you are experiencing, if you currently feel cramps in your stomach and breasts, and have a history of the first day of your last menstrual period on April 9 then this may be an early sign of pregnancy. However, if you do a test pack at this time, you usually get positive results. You can do a test pack around May 9-10. Then if on that date you still get negative results, then you can repeat a few days later.

But what you have to remember is that cramps in the stomach accompanied by breast pain are not specific to early pregnancy symptoms. there are various other circumstances that can cause such circumstances, for example:

dyspepsia gastritis / inflammation of the stomach wall urinary tract infection GERD / stomach acid breast abscess therefore, to determine the cause of the condition you are experiencing, you should check yourself directly so that your doctor can check your condition directly. maybe later additional tests will be carried out such as blood tests, or ultrasound if necessary.

It is important that you do a test pack using urine in the morning.

The following is an article that you can read about the test pack

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