The Right Time To Get Pregnant Again After A Miscarriage Due To A Blighted Ovum?

Illustration of The Right Time To Get Pregnant Again After A Miscarriage Due To A Blighted Ovum?
Illustration: The Right Time To Get Pregnant Again After A Miscarriage Due To A Blighted Ovum? Bing

, I was declared a blighted ovum, and was declared clean by the doctor through a transvaginal ultrasound. So when can I get pregnant again? BO is my first pregnancy. and now my vaginal discharge is more than usual, the color is clear, supple and a bit lumpy. but there are no symptoms of itching or other heat. is that normal?

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Women who have had previous miscarriages, including due to a blighted ovum (anembryonic gestation) are generally allowed to get pregnant after 1 to 3 normal menstrual cycles have passed. Why is that? Menstruation indirectly describes the condition of your reproductive organs. With normal menstruation after a miscarriage, it means that your reproductive organs have gradually recovered their function as usual, and are ready to return to contain a new fetus. However, this may vary depending on the condition of each person. Therefore, to be more objective, you should consult directly with your obstetrician.

Vaginal discharge that comes out more, is clear, chewy, and lumpy in general is not an abnormality. Vaginal discharge like this can appear due to hormonal changes, for example when approaching your menstrual schedule, when you are fertile, or when you are using certain hormonal contraceptives. It could also be, vaginal discharge comes out more when you are experiencing stress and fatigue.

If you have consulted directly with an obstetrician, and it is declared safe to go back to planning a pregnancy, then now is the right time to have sexual intercourse. Because, during the fertile period, it is possible that the mature egg will ovulate and be released to go to the egg. So, the chances of pregnancy will be even greater. You can have regular sexual intercourse every 3 to 4 times a week, coupled with a healthy lifestyle, namely regular exercise, eating more antioxidants, drinking enough, not too tired of activities, and sleeping regularly.

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dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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