The Right Time To Sunbathe

Illustration of The Right Time To Sunbathe
Illustration: The Right Time To Sunbathe

Want to ask, actually, if sunbathing is the best hours? There is literature that states under 10 o’clock. But there are also those who say 10-11 o’clock in the morning is only 15 minutes. which one is correct?

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Basically, to release provitamin D3 from the skin (to subsequently undergo metabolic processes in the body and converted to vitamin D3) UVB exposure is required. UVB is highest in the sun during the day. Therefore, if you sunbathe during the day (when the sun is at its peak), the time needed to sunbathe becomes less. Because the higher your exposure to sunlight your risk of experiencing the negative effects of UV rays (sunburn, increased risk of skin cancer) will increase, the shorter your sunbathing time the better. Indeed, there is no specific standard for how long you need to sunbathe because the amount of vitamin D to be released will depend on how strong the sun exposure is, how much skin is exposed, and skin color. But in general, sunbathing between 10-30 minutes, 3-4 times a week with the afternoon sun (around 11-12 noon) is enough to meet your vitamin D needs.

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