The Right Time To Take Menstrual Delay Drugs?

Illustration of The Right Time To Take Menstrual Delay Drugs?
Illustration: The Right Time To Take Menstrual Delay Drugs? Bing

Morning doctor, I want to ask, last month I experienced a delay in menstruation with a menstrual cycle of around 55 days, which usually ranges from 33-35 days. Last period yesterday was March 24th. I’m planning a vacation on April 28th and if I count according to my normal menstrual cycle it’s 33-35 days on the date I’m on vacation I get my period. At that time, it was also like this, I was 2 months late for my period and finally it was back to normal again. My question is when should I take the menstruation-delaying drug and what is the dose?rnThank you in advance, okay?

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Hi Fariska,

Due to irregular menstruation, it is quite difficult to determine when the right time to take this drug. The drug Fariska mentioned contains norethisterone, a synthetic progesterone hormone. This drug has several uses, including regulating the menstrual cycle.

Usually, this drug is taken 3-7 days before menstruation, and taken more than 14 days. Menstruation will come 2-3 days after stopping taking the drug norethisterone. If it is more than 14 days, it is feared that the effect is excessive menstrual bleeding.

Fariska should consult directly with the obstetrician, the obstetrician may be able to provide other alternatives, such as birth control pills or other hormonal drugs to regulate the menstrual cycle. Keep in mind that the effect of hormonal drugs is sometimes not the same from one woman to another. It's possible that even if you take medication, your period will still come or bleeding/spotting will occur. So the dose needs to be adjusted.

Taking this drug without consulting a gynecologist directly should not be done, because not all women are suitable for this drug and also this drug has side effects such as swelling, mood changes, breast tenderness, nausea, dizziness and difficulty sleeping.


dr. Mega

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