The Right Treatment For People Who Like To Fantasize?

Illustration of The Right Treatment For People Who Like To Fantasize?
Illustration: The Right Treatment For People Who Like To Fantasize?

why yes I prefer my fantasy world to the real world. For example I like to play with my fantasy friends rather than friends in the real world. And I also often feel or see things that don’t happen / haven’t happened, for example I’m riding the bus, suddenly in my vision / in my mind it’s like suddenly wanting an accident, I want to start something but in my mind it’s not well kept.

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at There are many reasons why this condition can happen to you. Among the can because you are basically an introvert, which is natural for an introvert to prefer his own world. They still need socialization, but not as many as extroverts. They prefer to dig into themselves, and prefer activities that do not involve too many people such as reading novels or writing. Introverts and extroverts are not a form of disorder, only psychological variations in humans.

Another possibility, whether you realize it or not, maybe you have had a bad experience in your past regarding your social relationships. Maybe you were humiliated, disappointed, or punished for your social interactions. You can also feel that no one can understand and understand your problem. That is what makes you more interested in your imaginary friend who is more able to 'control' you, will not betray you, and will only act as you expect.

This condition is not entirely wrong, as long as you can still distinguish between the real and the unreal, knowing that in the end you still need others, do not interfere with your daily activities, and do not make you isolated or lazy to start interacting with everyone without with the exception. It is a natural thing that at a time in a person's life, there are no people around him who feel suitable to him and no one understands himself. What needs to be understood is that conditions will not always occur.

Likewise the case with the shadow of something that has not yet happened. This is also normal, because this is where human initiative and anticipation originate. When we see a cloudy sky, we worry that it will rain so we bring an umbrella. When we see a bus that is too full, we are afraid of an accident or pickpocketing so we wait for the next bus. When we drive a motorcycle, we are afraid of crashing so we obey the traffic signs. Again, this doesn't matter as long as the shadow doesn't continue to haunt and limit you, so suppose you don't dare and don't want to leave the house at all just because of your shadow.

But if you feel constrained, for example your imaginary friend already makes you feel you don't need a friend, there are whispers that you can't control, your anxiety about something that doesn't happen is excessive, and in general you can't do your daily activities correctly and disturbed, it means you should check your complaint with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Your psychologist or psychiatrist will do an interview with you, and you are free to tell whatever you feel without fear of being judged. Nothing is too strange or too embarrassing for you to keep a secret, and by checking with these experts, sometimes just by telling you you will feel better. Do not be consumed by the stigma or the idea that psychiatrists are only for crazy people, the world of psychiatry is very broad, including excessive fear of something, sleep disorders, even paralysis caused by the influence of the mind. By checking yourself, your complaint can be handled more precisely. So, hopefully answering your question.

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