The Right Treatment For Prolonged Stomach Acid?

Illustration of The Right Treatment For Prolonged Stomach Acid?
Illustration: The Right Treatment For Prolonged Stomach Acid?

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We really understand your anxiety about your mother's condition, we will try to explain about the benefits of the drug in connection with the diagnosis that your doctor presents.

Very various diseases that can occur in the stomach, including acid reflux disease, ulcer pain, gastric ulcer, dyspepsia syndrome, and many others. In general, gastric disease is closely related to lifestyle, that is food consumed, and how to consume food and habits that are taken after consuming food. In addition, sometimes other external factors that can affect the increased production of stomach acid are often unknown, namely the factor of severe stress experienced by sufferers.

Psychological conditions are closely related to the condition of the stomach as a person who is experiencing stress can get stomach disorders. Besides the condition of stomach disorders that occur in a long time / treatment that requires time and a long process will cause sufferers to experience stress and depression which will aggravate the condition of stomach disease they experience.

Therefore, giving medicines from your doctor to your mother is very appropriate regarding the condition and diagnosis that the doctor has decided. The drugs ondancentron HCL, paracetamol and sucralfate are drugs intended to treat complaints and conditions related to the stomach and digestion, while alprazolam is a drug so that patients can be more relaxed and not depressed if they have a personality that is easily anxious or easily depressed, and prevents sufferers from experiencing depression related the condition and treatment of the stomach carried out.

For side effects alprazolam itself is usually only mild, such as drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue. And side effects of ondancentron and sucralfate include dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue. Of course your doctor has considered the use of these drugs related to the benefits and side effects, but for therapeutic purposes, of course greater benefits are expected than the side effects that can occur. If you still want to ask more about the side effects of these drugs on your mother's condition, then you can immediately consult a doctor who treats your mother, because she is the one who checks and better understands your mother's true condition.

So that we can convey, hopefully useful for you and your mother.


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