The Right Way To Compress To Deal With Right And Left Knee Injuries?

Illustration of The Right Way To Compress To Deal With Right And Left Knee Injuries?
Illustration: The Right Way To Compress To Deal With Right And Left Knee Injuries?

Hello, I have a history of right and left knee injuries. Six days ago my right knee recurred. Then I compress ice, then a few days later I compress warm water. Then just yesterday my left knee also relapsed. Is it OK if my right knee compresses with warm water and my left knee compresses with ice with an interval of several hours?

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An injury that has occurred is one of the causes of pain in your knee, this pain is the impact due to the inflammation process caused by an injury that injures body tissues. There are several chemical compounds released by the body when the inflammation process occurs. To block the inflammation process so that it is not widespread then the right thing is to do a cold compress / ice pack.

When the pain recurs, there may be excessive movement in the knee which causes the inflammation process to occur again, this is easy to happen especially if there was a history of injury. The treatment you give to your right knee is not quite right, because that way the inflammation process will actually become worse, so that what is right is a cold compress. Cold compresses are carried out for at least 7 minutes to 15 minutes so that the effect given to the ice is optimal, if the time taken when compressing ice is longer than 15 minutes, the possibility of the opposite is true, namely the inflammation process gets worse. Therefore the duration of compressing is very important, so that the desired therapeutic effect can be achieved.

I suggest you to meet or consult a doctor, or at least do physiotherapy to improve the function of your knee, and you can find out what movements can be done at home to relieve pain and reduce recurrence, in addition to using ice compresses of course. Thus we can convey, hopefully our information can be useful for you. thanks.

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